Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wind Down Session

Working an odd show tonight, at least for me. Groovin' from 4-8 AM. This means I'll be falling out of "safe harbor," which is the point at which the FCC takes an interest in whether or not bad words are spoken on the air. At 6 AM, I officially cannot play anything with curse words in it unless I bleep them out. I usually only do shows in the safe harbor hours (10-6) so I don't have to worry about it. But I wanted a show a couple of my friends could show up for and chill with me in the station. They said they'll be here at 6. We'll see if that happens.

Found a new album to tout the merits of: The self-titled debut from The Black Ghosts. It's an album from a pair of London dance floor freaks with a serious ear for R&B soul and electro-beats. Think LCD Soundsystem with John Legend writing the melodies. Damon Albarn even lends vocals to a track, which gives it the indie-rock seal of approval. Great stuff and not a bad track on the album.

I've reeled in my CD burning obsession for the week. I didn't do a show last week (which meant no new albums) but I still didn't get through all the albums from the week before. Since I'll probably take next week off as well, I might actually manage to get caught up. I finished off the last few blanks in a ream I had (picked up three Fugazi albums and a couple of jazz albums) but that's it.

Playing a little Yes for the drunken, insomniac masses right now, "Sound Chaser." Old school prog doesn't get enough respect. Keeps my mind alive, at least.