Saturday, June 28, 2008

Runnin' 'n' Shit

Eugene OR, the little burg I call home, is currently celebrating its accidental relationship to track and field competitions with a massive civic orgy, all aimed to suck at the fat teat of the Olympics. The track and field tryouts for the summer Olympics are taking place here at the UO, where the humble little campus station I'm currently broadcasting from at 1 AM is located. I honestly couldn't care less about the whole affair, though the entire town seems caught up in it. Even the local alt paper, the Eugene Weekly, commemorated it in their own jackass way by giving a guide to Eugene for the out-of-towners highlighting the various places around the city where the police have committed human rights abuses. The guide was as self-serving as it was snide, which is in keeping with the EW's style. You know, I'll agree that the Whittaker neighborhood is the center of Eugene's activist community, but it's also the place where you're most likely to get your car peed on by a meth addict. Let's try to have some balance here.

To me, all the trials mean is that the town will be a little crowded for a week or so, during part of which I'll be on vacation (going to San Fransisco to visit friends for the July 4th weekend). I'm planning on avoiding that edge of campus and staying indoors. Not that I don't respect the athletes. I know I can't do that shit. It's just that I don't care if they do it. So you can see the conflict.

My CD burning project hit a good stride last week. 28 albums was the final count, made off with plenty of good stuff. This week is going about as well. I noticed the station's collection of out-of-print Captain Beefheart albums and dubbed copies as soon as I could. Music-wise, it's going to be a good summer. Sleep-wise, not so much. I'm filling in until 4 AM today and will be on from 2-4 AM tomorrow morning. No rest for the wicked.

Beat that shit, track-rats.

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